The purpose of your maid/matron of honor is to assist you in many stages of your wedding planning.   Before, during and after there will be many tasks you will need help with including shopping for the gown of your dreams.  She will also be there to listen to your ideas and give you advice.   She plans your bridal shower and records your shower and wedding gifts.  She is the one who sees that you are altogether before you go down the aisle and before pictures.  She holds your bouquet during the ceremony and signs your wedding certificate. 

You have chosen this special person because she knows you better than anyone else.  You trust her and know you can depend on her. 

The process of preparing for a wedding, weather short or long, can be challenging in so many ways.  Always be mindful that although she is there for you that she does not feel overwhelmed with her responsibilities.  It definitely will save a friendship.  And remember, being your maid / matron of honor is just that for her.  An “HONOR” to be whatever you need her to be as you prepare for the best day of your life. 

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Adda Sutter