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There's nothing worse than waking up one day and realizing you had waited until the last minute to meet a deadline, purchase a gift for your favorite niece's birthday party, or go to the grocery store to get chips and dip for the party you're hosting. Now you have to rapidly throw together a presentation for work on your phone while simultaneously skimming the toy isle at Meijer for a toy your niece may or may not enjoy, and, oh yeah, you forgot the chips and dip. Again.

No matter what the circumstance may be, waiting until the last minute calls for chaos and literally has no benefit other than feeding the laziness that calls from within you. Especially when your wedding day is on the line.

"Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today" is probably something you'd hear your health coach say when you want to skip your workout that day. But it also applies to your wedding planning journey and, though it may be a cliche, this saying serves as an encouragement and can potentially help make you less of a "bride-zilla" on your wedding day.


How to not procrastinate your wedding-day duties:

Six - 12 Months Before the Wedding

  • Announce Engagement (get your engagement pictures ASAP if applicable)
  • Decide: wedding style, location, date, time of day, color scheme, bridal party, honeymoon location
  • Select: bridal gown, bridal party gowns and accessories (especially if you need to have them altered), caterer, florist, musicians/ DJ, photographer, videographer, wedding rings (and order them)
  • Begin: planning reception, booking hotels, bridal gift registry, rough copy of guest list

Three Months Before the Wedding

  • Finalize: guest list, reception arrangements (renting and booking), invitations
  • Solidify: reservations for honeymoon, transportation
  • Confirm: wedding date with florist, caterer, photographer, musicians, and church/venue
  • Order: cake, groomsmen attire, bridesmaids' dresses and shoes, invitations

Two Months Before the Wedding

  • Mail invitations (allowing time for RSVPs)
  • Make an appointment to get marriage license
  • Finalize all honeymoon arrangements

One Month Before the Wedding

  • Reserve guest accommodations
  • Begin a record of all gifts received and send out thank you notes
  • Purchase gifts for the bridal party
  • Schedule: wedding rehearsal and dinner, beauty salon appointments, and final fittings
  • Get marriage license!

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

  • Finalize: wedding day transportation
  • Arrange to change your name on official documents (license, social security, etc.)
  • Prepare wedding announcements to be mailed

One Week Before the Wedding

  • Begin packing for honeymoon
  • Finalize: number of guests with the caterer and all details with every professional service in use (photographer, florist, videographer, etc.), seating arrangements, all fittings for wedding attire (including rings)
  • Practice: desired hair and makeup
  • Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (one-two days pre-wedding)

Now you're ready for a worry-free (as worry-free as a wedding day can be) wedding day! If you follow these guidelines, it's hard to procrastinate. We hope you found this helpful and are able to use these tips to your advantage. Have a happy wedding, and a blessed marriage!

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Adda Sutter