What to Wear + Bring to Your Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment


1.    Something Comfortable | Wear something that is comfortable and easy to change in and out of.

2.   Make Up | Wear as little as possible. Just enough to make you feel pretty.  Do not wear lipstick and DO NOT use self-tanning lotion several days before the appointment.

3.   Bra | Bring a strapless bra or one that has clear straps. If you have neither wear a good supporting bra. 

4.  Underwear | Keep it plain and simple. Choose a light color that will not easily be seen.

5.     Shape-wear | This is good for all shapes and sizes. It not only gives an all-over smoothing effect, but helps with getting the gowns on and off.

Bra, Underwear and Shape-wear will make a big difference

in how the dress fits, looks and feels. 

6.     Shoes | Bring a pair with the size heel you plan on wearing.

7.     Hair Tie | You will want to see the entire gown including the neckline and the back.

8.     Special Items | Bring any item you plan to include in you look for that day. Family heirloom etc.

9.     Pictures | Bring any pictures of the gowns you are interested in for the consultant to help you in choosing the gowns to try on.

10.  Water and Snack | Pack a couple of snacks and some water to hold you over between appointments.

Keep these aspects in mind before heading out to shop for your big day, and you’ll have a successful trip. We hope to see you soon!

Adda Sutter